Lost No More by Greg Olson

Lost No More

This painting depicts Jesus Christ as the Good Shepherd, sitting with a shepherd’s crook and a lamb at His feet.  Jesus said, “I am the Good Shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine. . . .and I lay down my life for my sheep.”1

Greg Olsen discusses the symbolism of this painting: “The shepherd and his flock have been ever-present symbols of the Lord and the people of His pasture. The ancient role of a shepherd was much more than an assignment to herd sheep. The shepherd loved his sheep, he knew them, named them, provided for and protected them. In return, the sheep responded to their shepherd and recognized his voice. His call alone could bring them back from their wanderings in unfamiliar paths. If lambs were lost, he sought them out and brought them back to the fold.  Those who hear the Master’s call and then seek to follow in His path will find Him and there enjoy contentment and safety at His feet.”2

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